Solo Expo Opening Fest for @didoaska

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On Saturday, the 21st of May, from 15.00 till 20.00 We Invite You and Your Loved Ones to Come Celebrate the Fantastic Artwork of Didoaska!  A Talented Young Artist, This Will Be Her First Solo Expo Where She Will Be Displaying Over 30 New Works! In Her Own Words She Describes Herself as Follows:

‘’I am here to inspire and nurture the human spirit through my personal design language.

In my works I go from spiritual to physical realm, from erotic to moral issues, from thrill to agony  because this is us as humans; we recycle feelings, needs, yearnings and we only grow from it all, and I shall be part of that process by depicting it and encourage my audience to experience more of it. Most of us seek to suppress our cravings, we reject pain and we fight to break the unconscious patterns but what if we let them all happen and we just become the observer? This is what I do in my work. I become the witness of all these tendencies that are part of the human experience we hold in common.”